How a paper should look

There are also the aesthetics of a paper.

One great thing about writing with Latex is that the paper will look quite nice. The top part of your latex template will help you set up the paper, making it look nice, readable, and in a format that most academics are used to. Refrain from trying to reinvent the wheel here; people are looking for specific places, and you want to make it easy for them to find the things they want to learn about.

Broadly speaking, the paper consists of 8 to 10 parts. The prominent five are the different sections that make up the paper, followed by the title, the abstract, the authors and their affiliations, as well as any critical footnotes related to the manuscript, such as who provided grant funding, the order of the authors, with a corresponding author is.

Moreover, standard practice is to have all the tables and figures compiled at the end of the manuscript. This makes it very easy for anyone reading your paper to go to the end of the paper and find what they’re looking for in terms of your tables and figures. It also devotes a single page for each table and each figure. This makes it very easy to read. We’ll be talking in much more detail in the following sections about how to produce good-looking tables and figures for your manuscript. In essence, the paper follows the following sequence:

The first page:

Title in bold, large text.
The authors and their affiliations.
The abstract.
A footnote at the bottom describes the author sequencing and who the corresponding author may be. You should also include acknowledgments and funding sources.

The second page:

This is your introduction, followed by the other four sections: theoretical framework, methods and data, results, discussion, and conclusion.

The third part:

This is where your references go.

The fourth part:

All your figures.

The fifth part:

All your tables.

Finally, if you have an appendix, most modern papers do. You put the appendix after the main tables.

Attached you will find a PDF document of a complete manuscript. This is how a paper should look.