Papers by topic

Here are my published and working papers organized by topical area. Broadly speaking, my research falls into just four categories (with some overlap): Entrepreneurship, Social Networks/Peer Effects, Labor Markets, and Digitization.


Social Networks / Peer Effects / Advice

Labor markets / Human Capital

Digitization / Technology

  • Experimentation and startup performance: Evidence from A/B Testing with Rembrand Koning and Aaron K. Chatterji Management Science.
  • Hunting for talent: Firm-driven labor market search in America (with Ines Black and Remband Koning) Working Paper.
  • The politics of experimentation (with Todd Hall) Working Paper.
  • Is poverty good for business?: Inequality, digitization and the rise of dollar stores (with Uttara Ananthakrishnan and Anuj Kumar) Working Paper
  • Digitization and divergence: Online school ratings and neighborhood divergence in America (with Anuj Kumar) Working Paper.
  • I feel Threatened: Measuring Racial Distrust in America from 911 Calls (with Uttara Ananthakrishnan and Anuj Kumar) Working Paper
  • Data exchanges among firms with Morad Elsaify Digital Business 1(2).
  • Automatic detection of omissions in medication lists. (with George T. Duncan, Daniel B. Neill and Rema Padman). Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 18(2011):449-458.