Field Experiments Workshop

Since 2020, I have been a co-organizer of the Workshop on Field Experiments in Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The current organizers are Rem Koning (HBS), Hyunjin Kim (INSEAD), myself, and the IGL team at NESTA.

The Workshop brings together some of the leading scholars designing and testing cutting-edge interventions and mechanisms to improve how firms strategize, entrepreneurs start up, and innovators develop breakthrough ideas.

In 2020, we held the workshop on January 27th and 28th in Durham, NC at the Duke Bull Pen. Here is the 2020 agenda.

In 2021, we held the workshop on February 26th on Zoom. Here is the 2021 agenda.

In 2022, we are planning to hold the workshop in person on September 15th and 16th in London, jointly with the Innovation Growth Lab | Nesta. If you are interested in presenting or attending, please sign up here (link coming soon).

Experimental Notes Newsletter

Hyunjin Kim, Rembrand Koning, and I have collaborated with IGL to start an (almost) quarterly newsletter on the latest research insights from/about experimental research in strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Please sign up for the newsletter! We have a global circulation of nearly three hundred subscribers.

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